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Avian & Exotic Care

Avian and exotic care hospitals are veterinary practices dedicated to caring for exotic and non-traditional pets. At Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, we offer full surgical and medical care and round-the-clock emergency services for exotic pet species. We also offer veterinary acupuncture and mobile services.


Why Visit Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital?

Most veterinarians are not equipped to treat exotic pet species. Our veterinarian has the expertise to perform comprehensive dental, medical, and surgical care. Our Long Beach veterinarians offer different vet services in addition to the basic ones.

Mobile vet services are the most popular as they allow pet owners who can’t find their way to the hospital to access pet wellness exams and care. At our hospital, we conduct blood testing and nursing treatments to provide your pet with the best care possible.

What Services Are Offered in Cat and Dogs Animal Hospital?

Our veterinary services extend to therapeutic, diagnostic, and radiology services and surgical procedures ranging from spaying and neutering to tumor removals. We have emergency pet services for pets that have experienced a traumatic injury as well as pet dentistry, which involves general oral care and surgery. If you want to have your exotic pet micro-chipped or if you’re searching for a diet and nutritional counseling for avian and exotic pets, Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital can assist you there as well.

We also offer nuclear medicine services to pets who require such procedures as MRIs or CT scans. Our veterinarians work closely with experts knowledgeable in advanced diagnostics to restore your pet’s health and wellness soonest possible. 

Avian and Exotic Care

At our animal hospital, we offer preventative medical care, boarding, emergency services, in-house diagnostic testing, and medical and surgical care to avian and exotic pets. Exotic pets not seen in traditional feline and canine practices require more than just traditional veterinary expertise.

Our veterinarians are committed to providing quality avian and exotic care for your pet. We use advanced knowledge accumulated over time and are dedicated to keeping up with the latest advancements in exotic and avian pet care.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Long Beach

If you are a resident of Long Beach searching for an avian and exotic pet clinic, the veterinary professionals at Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital are ready to assist you. For more information on how we care for birds, other exotic pets, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (562) 439-4228.