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Common Causes For Seizures In Pets

Common Causes of Pet Seizures

One of the scariest things for dog or cat owners is when their beloved fur-baby has a seizure. They simply do not know what to do. A good way to avoid this occurrence is to take preventative measures. Our veterinarian in Long Beach, California, at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital would like to discuss some common causes for pet seizures.

Triggers for Seizures in Dogs

It is possible your dog suffers from epilepsy even if seizures have never been an issue for him in the past. There are also a couple of types of inherited disorders that can cause seizures. Some of those are kidney failure, toxins entering its system, liver disease, or brain tumors. The best thing you can do to educate yourself as to whether or not your dog may have seizures is to take him to a veterinarian regularly for thorough check-ups. At our facility, we can usually detect any adverse health condition that could lead to seizures.

Triggers for Seizures in Cats

These differ a bit from the triggers we see in dogs. In a cat, the most common cause of seizures is exposure to toxins. Other factors could be viruses, parasites, low blood sugar, or brain tumors. It is also possible for cats to suffer from epilepsy. As with dogs, the best thing to do for your pet is to have regular check-ups for your cat with a veterinarian. Facilities like ours can certainly assist you in determining if your cat could develop seizures.

Information about Idiopathic Epilepsy

Since this condition can affect dogs and cats, we are offering more information on it. Epilepsy is known to be more common in dogs than in cats. However, cats can suffer from it too. In either dogs or cats, "mal-wiring" in its brain is the typical cause of idiopathic epilepsy. Additionally, some breeds are more prone to it than others. If you suspect this may be a problem with your pet, you can schedule an MRI or a CT scan for it.

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