Hey, we've missed you!

We are pleased to invite clients indoors during consultations and examinations. Please read the following information.

At this time, only clients with scheduled appointments with one of our doctors will be allowed inside. We also require a deposit to secure an appointment, which can be refunded if your appointment is cancelled 24 hours prior. Our lobby is very small and fills up quickly, so for now, we will continue to require all clients with technician appointments to wait outside while their pets are treated. We will also continue to offer curbside pick-up for medication or food refills.

What changes should I expect?

Doctor Exam Visits:

You will now be able to accompany your pet into the hospital for their physical examinations (two people per visit please). Please continue to call the office when you arrive and wait outside until we are ready to bring you inside. Once we have ensured that an exam room is available and sanitized, we will meet you in the garden and escort you and your pet into an examination room.

Your appointment can still be conducted curbside if you are more comfortable; just let us know that is your preference when you arrive.

Proper mask usage is requested while indoors. 

What has NOT changed?

Technician Appointments:

If your pet is scheduled for a technician visit, we ask that you call us when you arrive. A technician will meet you in the garden and bring your pet inside for treatment. We will ask you to provide payment information so we can handle your transaction remotely.

Medication and Food Refills:

Please continue to place your refill requests over the phone or submit your order using our Online Prescription Form. All refill requests will be processed within 24-48 hours. Payments will be required prior to pick up. When you arrive at the hospital to pick-up, call us from your vehicle and we will bring your order out to you.

Drop-offs for Hospital Stays: 

Call us when you have arrived and we will meet you in the garden with your check-in paperwork. We will ask you to complete your paperwork outside while we get your pet settled inside.

Please be patient with us…
We are going to do our very best to ensure a smooth transition back to semi normalcy, but we are bound to hit some bumps along the way.
Please be prepared to spend 1-2 hours at our hospital for all doctor visits.
Please be patient with our staff as we work out any kinks. Your pet’s health is of the utmost importance to us and we continue to strive to offer them the excellent care that they deserve.

. . .